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This family event will provide not only a fun day to explore the Island Beach Park, but also offer environmental educational opportunities in a lovely setting.

Island Beach State Park is one of the crown jewels of the New Jersey state park system. The park plans to kick off its 2014 summer event season by hosting a free Ocean Fun Day. This is an annual environmental education event for everyone, children and parents alike. Visit Island Beach State Park on Saturday, May 17, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Relevant: Although the team that worked on this archive are all in NYC. That's developers, webmasters, researchers, editors, etc. And all of them are huge fans of Island Beach State Park and have inspiring memories of the fun they had there. That includes the CEO of the renown NYC based SEO powerhouse TNG/Earthling, Bob Sakayama, who regards the park as a treasure first discovered in his childhood. On his blog he mentions great times using a fishing rod to fly kites on the beach and building fires after dark. OneInAmelia remembers running on the beach in the moonlight with her puppy. DirtsGood used to spend the night surf fishing for stripers. The team is planning a beach party later in the season.

Good vibe: Our neighbors told us about this annual event the first week after our move from Baltimore. After our arrival, neighbors dropped by with a welcome basket and lots information that would helpful to us for navigating our new community. As a follow up, they made sure we knew about the Island Beach State Park "Ocean Fun Day." I think it was during the Ocean Fun Day that our kids bonded with our neighbors children. So I thank the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium for this wonderful day.

Update: 2020. This summer, New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) and New York Sea Grant (NYSG) had new safety rules in place because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Social distancing and the wearing of masks was mandatory. It was surreal to say the least. Our friends in NYC couldn't believe we would take our kids to the beach, but we were careful. Recently my mother asked if I would called H&S Rug cleaning and Restoration, an heirloom rug cleaning service that my folks have used or years. They had been in Florida when the pandemic hit and have chosen to remain there. Neither want to get on a plane to fly back to the city. Normally she has her Persian rugs cleaned each Spring, but obviously that didn't happen this year. I was happy to report back that H&S Rug cleaning and Restoration was still in business and they would pick up the rugs she wanted cleaned. I let my parent's super know so he would let them into the apartment.

Life has not returned to "normal" or I should say, pre pandemic. For instance: several of Island Beach State Park most popular programs and events are going “virtual” this year, starting October 10th. My kids are excited to participate in this new journey of remote learning. I guess my kids are going to get use to this virtual learning since their schools are planning on reopening remotely.


Organized by the **New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) in coordination with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Ocean Fun Day will offer a host of hands-on activities, educational displays, a variety of classes, eco-tours of the island, and exhibits that celebrate the wonders found at the Jersey Shore. In addition, the event also offers tips on preserving these natural coastal resources so future generations can also enjoy their beauty and wild life.

“We are not only excited to host once again this special Ocean Fun Day at Island Beach State Park, but also to be able to provide some great recreation for our local residents and visitors while showing off how fully our park has recovered from the battering it took from super storm Sandy,’’ said Island Beach State Park Manager Ray Bukowski. “Visitors are always enjoying and learning about the environment and the park’s ecology, which is why this beautiful barrier island is a perfect setting for such a fun and educational event. “

The number of exhibitors who have committed to be a part of this year’s Ocean Fun Day will make this an especially engaging family event. Activities will include coastal crafts, an energy-saving scavenger hunt, net fishing (known as seining), surf fishing workshops, touch tanks, youth fishing clinics, face painting, and a student science fair competition, as well as the NJSGC’s famous fiddler crab races. For the first time we will also have clamming demonstrations.

If you are planning on attending the Ocean Fun Day on Saturday at Island Beach State Park go directly to the Ocean Bathing Area 1, which is approximately four miles past the park’s gatehouse.

“Without a doubt you can not find a more perfect place than Island Beach State Park for the start of Ocean Fun Days weekend,” said Executive Director of the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, Claire Antonucci. “This year will be better than ever. We are offering exciting new tours and many fun activities to choose from.”
Our entire Ocean Fun Days team is looking forward to teaching the public about New Jersey’s coastal environment while offering an inimitable weekend of first-class free family fun. WE hope to see you there.

A second Ocean Fun Day is planned in the historic Fort Hancock section of Sandy Hook. It will be held on the weekend of Sunday, May 18, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the NJSGC headquarters.


About New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium is an affiliation of colleges, universities and other groups dedicated to advancing knowledge and stewardship of New Jersey’s marine and coastal environment. For over 40 years, the Consortium has served New Jersey and the coastal region.

Founded in 1969 as the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium, we have contributed leading research in the field of marine and environmental science. New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium has managed the New Jersey Sea Grant Program (NJSG) since 1979. In 9189 it was awarded Sea Grant College status in recognition of its academic and scientific achievements.

Every year, more than 30,000 students, their families, teachers, Scouts, and the general public participate in the Consortium’s Education Programs and special events.


** The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium Mission

The mission of the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium is to promote the enlightened use of New Jersey’s marine and coastal resources through research, education and outreach. Since 1989, NJSGC has funded projects through a competitive research approach at the state’s leading universities. By focusing on various priority areas related to New Jersey’s most important coastal issues, which include dealing with hazard resilient coastal communities, obtaining a safe and sustainable seafood supply, encouraging healthy coastal ecosystems, and sustainable coastal development, NJSGC hopes to bring the best and the brightest together to resolve these coastal issues, develop fact-based marine policy, as well as improve science literacy among New Jersey’s citizens.

Support the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium

In the past year, contributions from donors have permitted us to:
• Support social science research that is directed primarily towards promoting resilience and adaptation along coastal New Jersey.
• Launch anew outreach program for waterfront property owners and associated businesses that focuses on the recent advances in climate knowledge while planning for the changes associated with it.
• Initiate programs to learn how to improve storm-warning messaging that will positively impact the public’s reaction to heed the message.
• Integrate storm-preparedness storm warning sustainability and resiliency into NJ teacher training activities. We want New Jersey’s educators to pass along these important messages to their students.
• Provide direct instruction on a broad range of environmental topics through our coastal education programs to more than 32,000 citizens, including 20,000 schoolchildren.



More Background On The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) is a multifaceted, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing knowledge and stewardship of New Jersey’s marine and coastal environments. It was established in 1969 originally as the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium and has since become a vital part of the region's educational and environmental landscape.

NJSGC is known for its comprehensive approach to marine and coastal education, targeting a broad audience from K-12 students to the general public through a variety of programs. These include field trips, camps, scout programs, and college courses, among others. Their education initiatives are aimed at ensuring New Jersey residents value and care for their marine environments. They provide diverse resources such as lesson plans, activity guides, and web-based publications to facilitate learning and engagement​.

The consortium's research activities are equally significant, focusing on marine-related subjects to aid scholarly activities and provide sound, unbiased information to stakeholders and policymakers. This includes managing and sponsoring research contracts and extending the findings to practical applications through their extension programs.

Strategically, NJSGC places a strong emphasis on addressing key environmental challenges such as sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, resilient communities and economies, healthy coastal ecosystems, and environmental literacy and workforce development. Their strategic plans align with broader national goals and leverage the unique strengths of their extensive network of member institutions to tackle state-specific issues​.

In terms of community impact, NJSGC engages a wide range of stakeholders, including academic institutions, industry, and local communities, to foster a collaborative approach towards sustainable use and conservation of marine resources. Their efforts are also aimed at enhancing the economic resilience of coastal areas, a critical aspect given New Jersey’s extensive coastal and marine resources​​.

Overall, the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium exemplifies a dedicated effort to integrate education, research, and community engagement in marine and coastal stewardship, ensuring that New Jersey's coastal resources are managed wisely for future generations.



The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) enjoys a robust popularity, underpinned by its significant contributions to education, research, and community engagement focused on marine and coastal stewardship. NJSGC's educational programs, such as field trips, camps, scout programs, and various public outreach events, play a critical role in raising awareness and fostering appreciation for New Jersey's marine environments. These efforts reach a diverse audience including K-12 students, contributing to a broad societal impact​.

NJSGC is also celebrated for its engaging community events such as the annual "Ocean Fun Days" and the "Favorite Beaches Poll." These events not only highlight the consortium's commitment to community engagement but also showcase its role in promoting environmental education and conservation. The Favorite Beaches Poll, for instance, is a popular annual event where residents vote for their favorite New Jersey beaches, enhancing community involvement and promoting local pride​.

In terms of research and extension services, NJSGC supports vital projects that address critical environmental issues and advance scientific understanding of the region's marine and coastal ecosystems. This includes funding opportunities for research on topics like the American Lobster fishery, aiming to support the resiliency of fishing communities​.

Overall, the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium's popularity is well-supported by its comprehensive approach to marine and coastal education, research, and community involvement, making it a respected and integral part of New Jersey’s environmental and educational landscape.


Press & Media Coverage

The Consortium (NJSGC) has garnered significant press and media coverage over the years, highlighting its impactful work in marine and coastal stewardship. Coverage includes reports on its educational programs, research achievements, and community engagement initiatives.

For instance, NJSGC's efforts in environmental education and its support for marine science research have been prominently featured in the press. The organization's commitment to advancing knowledge about marine debris and microplastics has been highlighted in coverage about federal funding awarded to develop curriculums for schools in underserved communities, demonstrating its dedication to environmental literacy​​.

NJSGC's annual events, such as the "State of the Shore" reports and public engagements, also receive media attention. These events typically focus on the condition of New Jersey's beaches and the broader environmental challenges facing coastal communities. The State of the Shore event, for example, provides updates on beach readiness and coastal water quality, emphasizing NJSGC's role in fostering a deeper understanding of coastal ecosystem health​.

Moreover, NJSGC's work in fostering sustainable coastal management practices has been supported by federal funding initiatives aimed at building climate-ready coasts. This includes projects focusing on habitat restoration and resilience to coastal hazards, which are critical in the face of climate change​​.

These media mentions not only highlight the consortium's direct impact on marine and coastal resources but also underscore its broader contributions to community welfare and environmental sustainability in New Jersey. This coverage serves to raise public awareness and encourage community involvement in NJSGC's various programs and initiatives.



The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) has a diverse audience that includes educational institutions, local communities, environmental enthusiasts, policymakers, and researchers. Here's how NJSGC engages with these different audience groups:

  1. Educational Institutions: NJSGC provides extensive educational programs targeted at K-12 students, college students, and educators. Programs include field trips, scout programs, and workshops that cover marine science and coastal stewardship. These programs aim to foster environmental literacy and promote sustainable use of marine resources.

  2. Local Communities: The consortium frequently engages local communities through public events like Ocean Fun Days, workshops, and other educational events designed to increase community awareness and involvement in marine and coastal conservation.

  3. Environmental Enthusiasts: NJSGC appeals to individuals passionate about the environment through its volunteer opportunities, citizen science projects, and public participation in beach clean-ups and other conservation activities.

  4. Policymakers: By providing research and data, NJSGC supports policymakers in developing informed policies that affect marine and coastal areas. The consortium's research outputs are aimed at facilitating sound decision-making for sustainable coastal development and conservation​.

  5. Researchers: NJSGC supports scholarly activities and research in marine-related subjects. It offers grants and funding opportunities for research aimed at advancing scientific knowledge of marine and coastal ecosystems. This research is shared through publications, conferences, and seminars to foster a wider understanding and application of the findings in practical, policy, and educational arenas.

This multifaceted approach ensures that NJSGC effectively reaches and engages a broad spectrum of stakeholders, promoting a collective effort towards the stewardship and sustainable use of New Jersey's coastal and marine resources.


Known For

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) is known for several key initiatives and contributions in marine science and environmental stewardship:

  1. Educational Outreach: NJSGC is renowned for its comprehensive educational programs that target a diverse audience, including K-12 students, educators, and the general public. These programs aim to enhance understanding and appreciation of marine and coastal environments through field trips, workshops, and interactive learning experiences.

  2. Research and Innovation: The consortium supports and conducts pioneering research in marine science, focusing on areas such as coastal resilience, sustainable fisheries, and ecosystem health. This research helps inform policies and practices for the management and conservation of marine resources.

  3. Community Engagement: NJSGC is highly active in community outreach and public engagement initiatives. They organize popular events like the Ocean Fun Days, which offer educational activities and promote environmental conservation among local communities​.

  4. Environmental Protection Efforts: The consortium plays a crucial role in environmental protection by focusing on issues like marine debris, pollution control, and habitat restoration. They also engage in developing strategies and solutions to combat these challenges, making significant contributions to the health of New Jersey’s coastal ecosystems.

  5. Advocacy and Policy Influence: NJSGC works closely with policymakers to provide research-based evidence and data that inform decisions related to coastal and marine resource management. Their work supports the development of policies that aim to protect and sustainably use marine environments​.

These activities highlight NJSGC's commitment to advancing knowledge, education, and stewardship of New Jersey's marine and coastal resources, making them a pivotal organization in the region's environmental landscape.


Cultural & Social Significance

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) holds significant cultural and social significance in New Jersey, which can be seen through various facets of its operations and impacts:

  1. Community Identity and Pride: NJSGC's initiatives often strengthen community identity and pride, particularly through events like the annual "Favorite Beaches Poll" and "Ocean Fun Days". These events not only engage local communities in celebrating their natural environments but also foster a sense of pride and stewardship towards New Jersey’s coastal areas. Such events highlight the beauty and ecological importance of the state’s beaches, promoting local tourism and community participation.

  2. Education and Public Awareness: Through its extensive educational programs, NJSGC plays a critical role in shaping the environmental consciousness of New Jersey residents. By educating both young students and the general public about marine and coastal environments, NJSGC helps cultivate a culture of environmental stewardship. This has long-term social implications by encouraging sustainable behaviors and informed decision-making regarding the use and conservation of marine resources.

  3. Economic Impact: NJSGC's work also has a significant economic dimension, particularly through its contributions to the local economy via tourism and sustainable use of coastal resources. By improving and maintaining the health of coastal ecosystems, NJSGC helps ensure that these areas remain attractive for both residents and tourists, which in turn supports local businesses and services.

  4. Support for Environmental Resilience: In a broader social context, NJSGC's research and advocacy efforts contribute significantly to the resilience of coastal communities against environmental threats like climate change and sea-level rise. This is crucial for maintaining the safety and sustainability of these areas, affecting the livelihoods and well-being of thousands of New Jersey residents.

  5. Cultural Events and Traditions: NJSGC is involved in numerous cultural events that celebrate and educate about New Jersey's marine heritage. Events like marine science day camps and eco-tours not only provide entertainment and learning opportunities but also help pass down knowledge and appreciation of the marine environment to future generations, preserving and enriching local cultural traditions.

Through these activities, NJSGC significantly influences the cultural and social landscape of New Jersey, promoting a deep, shared commitment to environmental education, conservation, and sustainable development.